Born in Arezzo in 1989, Francesca Bianchi is a passionate stylist, in 2012 she graduates with a bachelor degree in Industrial Design at Universitá di Firenze and attained a masters degree in Yacht Design at Politecnico di Milano. Her passion for boats, was concretised in Luca Dini’s architectural studio in Florence, Francesca Bianchi beholds a particular interest in jewels and giodsmithery, that has led her to draw and realise collections of strong emotional impact from a young age. Beginning from her family’s goldsmith tradition, started in 1978 by her grandfather Loris Franco Bianchi, Francesca slowly discovers the basics of creative crafts, and in 2013 she created Francesca Bianchi Design.

Everything started when, during a prestigious stage in a Yacht Design studio in Florence, Francesca starts tracing the shapes and lines for the 54 meters long Sea Force One Yacht interiors. “ The boat concept was that of a travelling jewellery fair that would dock in some of the world’s most exclusive harbors. This project will give birth to an even more ambitious one. “ While I was designing the yacht interiors, such as furniture, lighting and interiors, I could already start to imagine my first collection of enamelled jewels that I would later call Kouture”.
Today her jewels are innovative and avantgarde. Produced alongside with goldsmiths in every detail, the jewels will inspire a unique emotion for those who will choose them. The fusion between the historical family craftsmanship and the futuristic ideas of a young entrepreneur that sees beyond the material accessory, generates traits deriving from the enthusiasm and emotion of creating a different brand, a recognisable one above all. Francesca Bianchi was born as a brand thanks to the expertise of enamel hand painters, each jewel is painted singularly by expert goldsmiths.
Each jewel, before the packaging, undergoes 30 crucial manufacturing steps. So many steps help crate a well-finished product in every detail, that is completely handmade in Italy. The creations in bronze 24 gold carat plated, are treated with nanoceramic cataphoresis to donate colour durability and gloss over time.
Colour stands out in jewels in it’s many combinations chosen according to a clear and meticulous style. Enamel is prepared just before application, to give it a better hue and vibrancy. After the application, enamel is baked in a high temperature oven in order to obtain a vitreous aspect. Determination and perseverance in the improvement of materials, led Francesca to the realization of a long lasting and elegant collection addressed to an ambitious and determinate woman.
That is how Francesca Bianchi is, in a twilight between dream and reality, entrepreneurship and imagination, creativity and know-how.