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SIf you need more assistence, remember, you can always contact our Customer Conceirge Service, active from Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 01.00pm and from 2.00pm to 5.00pm
by sending a WhatsApp message to +39 3936417183 or filling the form in the contact section


Do I need to create an account to place an order?

No, you can place an order as a guest. If you plan to buy regularly on E-SHOP Francesca Bianchi Design, you’ll want to create a personal account to have advantages such as: conclude your purchase faster, go to order history, save your data, create your own wishlist and receive promotions.

How do I create an account?

You can create your account in three simple steps:
1) Click the LOGIN/register and select new user.
2) Fill in the FORM with the requested data and press ENTER.
3) Check your Inbox far the registration E-MAIL.

I already have an account, how do I login?

To access your account, click on My Account and write the email address and password you chose during the account creation.

I can't access my account, what should I do?

If you can’t sign in to your Account, please follow these instructions:

  • Check the email and password you are using are the same that you selected upon registration.
  • If you forgot your password, click on the link “forgot password” and enter your e-mail address. We’ll send you an email to create a new one.

In case you still cannot access your account, please contact our online-shop customer service department via the contact form.

How can I delete my account from Francesca Bianchi Design?

Sorry, but you cannot delete the account by yourself.
You can request cancellation by contacting our customer service from Monday to Thursday, from 9:00 to 17:00 and Fridays from 9:00 at 13:00 on + 39 3936417183 or via the contact form.
Be sure to specify the email address you provided when you registered your account, so that you can verify that this is an actual request.

Do I need to login before or after I've created my shopping cart?

You can login at any time.

What is the important data for shipping?

For the order delivery you must specify your name and shipping and billing addresses:

  • Name
  • Surname
  • Company
  • State/Region
  • City
  • Delivery address
  • Postal Code
  • Telephone number
  • Fiscal Code and Vat Number


How can I find the product I want?

Starting from the Home Page, you have several options:

  • by type of product;
  • for gift ideas;
  • using search filters;
  • specifying in the box “Find” one or more terms related to your research and the product list referred to the searched word will appear;
  • using the product code that you need and adding it on the website search bar.

How can I buy the displayed product?

Once the product has been chosen and all the article informations have been consulted, to proceed with the order, click on SHOP NOW, the product will automatically add on your shopping bag.

Are the products price inclusive of VAT?

Yes. The shown price has VAT included.


If I add a product to the cart, Do I have to buy it?

No. Adding a product to the cart isn’t binding, even if you login with your personal account. To visualize your cart contains, click on “Shopping Bag” and you’ll find all the products you’ve added, easily removable by clicking on the “X” symbol.

Why does the size and the colour of the metal or the colour of enamel differ from the image on the website?

The product image shown on the website is the closest possible representation of reality. The uniqueness of the FRANCESCA BIANCHI DESIGN’s products is that they are handmade handcrafted and painted at the moment of order, for this reason, details like the exact colour or metal graduation might slightly change.


The promotional code is a discount code that allows you to use special promotions. The promotional code will be communicated to you by our newsletter or by SMS on particular events, occasions, recurrences or holidays. If you already have one, you have to insert it in specific field found in your cart at the moment of order. The discount will be calculated on the total price of your order and will be automatically visible. The promotional codes cannot be summed to one another and you shall use only one promotional code per cart. For receiving the promotional codes and being updated on all the promotions that will give you access to exclusive discounts, register on our Newsletter.


Which kind of payments are permitted?

The Francesca Bianchi Design E-SHOP accepts the following payment methods:

  • Paypal
  • Bank transfer

It's safe to buy on FrancescaBianchiDesign.com?

Yes. All payments made on our website are encrypted and safe. Your browser will report you this protection through the “closed padlock” icon viewable on the status bar.

Is it possible to have the invoice?

Yes . Remember to fill out the invoice data on your “My Account” space. All the online sales include a confirmation email, and inside the order you’ll find a purchase document that doesn’t stand as a tax invoice. If you need an official tax invoice, fill out your personal invoice data, VAT Number in case you’re a Company, Social Security Number/ Fiscal Code in case you’re a private citizen. You’ll receive the invoice referred to your order by email.

What happens to my order if I buy something that is out of stock?

It can happen that some articles are not available, even if the order has already been done. In this case, The Francesca Bianchi design team will inform you about the supply timing of the sold out product. In other cases, we reserve the right to cancel your order and refund the paid sum on your credit card or on the bank account (in case of payment has been made by bank transfer). See the sales conditions of.


How long will it take to receive my order?

Order will be executed within 48-72 working hours from the moment the payment is received and will be delivered only on working days ( Not on Saturday, Sunday and holidays) 24-48 hours for Italy exept for: (48-72 hours for: Calabria, Sicily and Sardinia).
Visit the DHL website to verify the shipping times for your zone (www.dhl.it/it/express/ricerca.html). During the Christmas Holiday (from 15 December to 8 Genuary) and in the two central weeks of August, the order execution will have longer management times.

How can I be updated on the shipment status?

When the purchase is concluded, our logistic team will process your order. You’ll receive an informative email with a tracking code, generated by DHL. To monitor your shipment, insert the tracking code on the courier’s website link: http://www.dhl.it/it/express/ricerca.html

  • If you made an online purchase from your “My DHL”, on the voice “Research and Control Shipment” of your area, you’ll visualize shipment status by clicking on “Fast Research”. Insert the identification number and you’ll see the DHL tracking page for monitoring the shipment on the website at the following link: http://www.dhl.it/it/express/ricerca.html
  • If you have not registered before to buy online, don’t worry, you’ll receive an update by email. Remember that for any information you can call the DHL Costumer Service at 199.199.345 or through the DHL contact form.

My tracking number doesn’t work?

If you’re trying to check your order status but it doesn’t show any shipment, it means that the merchandise has not been sent yet.


What if the courier has passed by and he didn’t find me, how can I recover the package?

Our DHL will try to deliver your order on the following days.
By the way we suggest you to contact the courier within 24 hours since the first time he has passed by. Otherwise, your package might return to our shipment headquarters and the new shipment charges will be on you

Can I receive my order on a different address from that of billing?

Yes. You can ask for the order to be sent at a different address from that of the invoice.

Can I receive any order to a different address from that of my domicile, of example my workplace?

Yes. Is sufficient for you to fill out “delivery address” with the place where you wish to receive the order. To make things easier, we also provide the delivery at all DHL Points worldwide. https://locator.dhl.com/ServicePointLocator/index.jsp


I want to buy a ring but I don’t know which size, how can I do?

The size for every ring is adjustable from a minimum of 12 to a maximum of 18 ring size.


How will my Francesca Bianchi Design order be packed?

All the Francesca Bianchi Design jewels and products will be sent in exclusive Gift Boxes.


Withdrawal of rights

You have the right to withdraw from the contract, specifying the reason, within 10 days of delivery. In case of more than one item delivered for the same order, 10 days from when the last product has been delivered. The date stated by DHL in the specific form that is signed at the moment of delivery date will be taken as proof.
To exercise your right of withdrawal, you must inform Francesca Bianchi Design of your decision sending an explicit declaration in the form of an e-mail at info@francescabianchidesign.it.


Can I withdraw from an online purchase?

If you wish so, you can withdraw from your online purchase without any further cost 10 days from the date of delivery of the products bought on our site. To have better information on the return mode, go on the “How can I return or change a product ordered on the website?”. Remember that you will have to sustain shipment costs (for foreign countries check shipment price chart), including responsibility in case of loss or damage by the courier. Products will not have to be either worn by anyone or used in any way and will need to show intact seals.


Can I return or change an item at a shop?

Francesca Bianchi Design retailers are not authorized to accept any kind of return or to change products in any way. An online purchased product will be returned exclusively through the return procedure filling the specific form.

I have received my order, but the article I don’t like it. How can I ask the substitution of the item or a refund?

We do not make changes between different products. Once purchased, an item cannot be changed with another. By the way a refund is possible and you will be able to make another order online. Remember that, in case of return for withdrawal (if you changed your mind), you will have to sustain shipment costs and the responsibility on case of loss or damage. Product will not have to be neither worn by anyone nor used in any way and will need to show intact seals.

How can return or replace an article purchased on the website?

Follow these simple steps:

1. Send an email indicating: the order number you have received by email and present inside the package (essential for the restitution of the article) and the reason for restitution. Please also leave your telephone number and the time slot in which you prefer to be reached.
2. You will receive a PDF file by email to print and attach on the parcel, in the form you will also find the telephone number at which you can contact DHL for requiring the package pick up.
3. If you can, use it’s original package, including the jewel, it’s packaging and a copy of the purchase document. Always make sure to attach the form you received by mail to the parcel.
4. Send the parcel at Francesca Bianchi Design’s address, “Loc.Bagnoro 56/7 52100 Arezzo”.
Remember, you have 10 working days to require Francesca Bianchi Design the return of an item.


When is the return accepted?

Your return will be taken in charge within 48 hours since it has been received at our warehouse. You will receive communication of the acceptance of the return by mail the. In some cases you may be contacted for giving some additional information we might need.

Refunds time

The refund will begin within 24 hours from the the return acceptanc. The technical times for refunding on credit card or Pay Pal vary between each bank circuit. In case of payment made by prepaid credit card o bank circuit, the refunds will be made on the credit card or bank circuit from where the payment has been made.


What do I have to know about the warrantly?

Francesca Bianchi Design jewels are covered by a two years warranty from the date of delivery covering any manufacturing defects. The warranty is represented by the product’s purchase document.

What is not covered by warranty?

Decolouration of the gold plating of the jewel ( especially if due to the use of perfumes or detergents) are absolutely excluded from the warranty also consequences of the normal wear and aging of products. Any warranty action must be taken exlusively by Francesca Bianchi Design. Every technical tampering made out of Francesca Bianchi Design will result in the immediate warranty suspension.

Is warranty repair free?

Yes it is.

I purchased a product on the website and I need to send it to assistance, how can I do it?

You shall contact the E-SHOP assistance. Contact us at info@francescabianchidesign.com and remember that is essential to attach a buying document together with product the, because it represents it’s warranty.

My warranty is expired, can I require assistance?

Yes, Francesca Bianchi design will make an estimate cost for your request.

How to take care of a Francesca Bianchi Design jewel?

For a long lasting jewel durability its important to store it in its box wen you’re not wearing it. Polish it gently with a soft cloth at least once a month. Avoid contact with liquid, alcohol and perfumes that might degrade the jewel and may turn it’s enamel opaque, and also cease the jewel’s warranty instantly. For rings and slave bangles, extend or shrink gently especially at cold temperature to avoid breaking the enamel.